Orygenia - Reliable, Natural and Effective

«Orygenia» project contains a complete line of nurturing products based on a very high percentage of Pure Aloe and all the active principles of its fresh extract.

This is our strength!

Those who appreciate its countless properties can recognize its effectiveness, naturalness and reliability.

Aloe's extraordinary properties and its numerous applications, now also scientifically recognized, are reflected in our products, which become valuable allies for skin wellness.


This is made possible thanks to very short processing times and to the methods used (cold stabilization). Our products are alcohol and parabens free and are not tested on animals. They are regularly subjected to microbiological and nickel tests.

They are enhanced with vitamins C and E, two powerful skin allies which help to keep unaltered the quality of our products.

The processing cycle, from the cultivation of plants up to the end product, is entirely carried out in Italy.

Every single component contained in our products is rigorously natural.