Our Company

Our productive activity started in 1978 in Terlizzi, a small village in the province of Bari, known for being the cradle of floriculture in Puglia. We have shifted from traditional methods to innovative ones, consisting of controlled plantations in protected environments.

So, 1 km far from the inhabited city center, with about 13,000 square meters of shell, in the 90es we specialized in out-of-ground production methods. Our plants lie on a volcanic substratum and the water we use comes from huge tanks in which we collect exclusively rainy water.

Growing ALOE plants we have personally verified its amazing properties. Therefore we have set a goal: to produce extracts and gels from ALOE trying to retain their active principles and properties and keep them unaltered.

Leaves are collected exclusively from adult plants, from which the GEL is immediately extracted and promptly stabilized for purity. Each one of these phases is Ā«cool processedĀ» in order to preserve ALOE's precious properties. To this purpose we cooperate with a valued Italian lab.

Orygenia project represents the finish line of our company that, led by passion, has been handed down from father to son for four generations.

We can proudly assert that we directly produce a fresh, natural, reliable, effective and 100% Italian product.