Properties and uses

In addition to the growing phase, the pulp extraction and gel processing phases have a great deal of bearing upon gel’s precious properties preservation. That is why our cycle is very short.

The versatility of Aloe Vera and its multiple benefits make it very suitable for personal and skin care from head to toe. To this purpose we have developed three lines: Body, Face, Personal Care, to make easier the choice.


The Body Line, which ranges from the simple hydration to more specific uses like: callosities and rough skin (elbows, knees) removal, after-wax moisturizer, after picks soother, etc. Besides, since it is claimed to have medicinal effects, it is widely used as an adjuvant for more closely «medical» purposes.Indeed, it is more and more used as a scar healer, even in case of serious wounds or bed sores, as a soother for burns or sunburns, as a protection or soother for subjects suffering from leucoderma, psoriasis.

To optimize the results, we have realized several formulations for specific uses (Hand Gel, Foot, Body, Topical, Hair, Body Fluid).


The Face Line is very effective in combating the signs of ageing, in removing dead cells and blackheads, in boosting circulation and in protecting the skin from the seasonal snares. The Line consists of a face cream, an eye-contour gel and a lips gel. In particular, a frequent use of the lips gel provides an excellent protection against herpes or chelitis. All together they ensure great results.


The Personal Care Line ensures a gentle and deep cleansing and an excellent hydration. The Shower gel, thanks to Aloe's properties, softens and regenerates skin, providing it with an immediate feel of wellness and hydration. The shampoo is an excellent cleanser, able to counteract scalp alterations (dandruff, flaky scalp, etc.) thanks to its dead cells removing action. Its high percentage of Aloe helps to reconstruct hair structure, reinvigorating it and enhancing its resistance. To this purpose it is recommended to frequent users of dyeing, perms, etc.