The Species

Each one of these species has got its own features which characterize their uses.


Aloe Arborescens It is the most suited to «cleanse» our organism. Indeed, a number of studies have shown that an internal use of this plant can restore the essential balances of our organism, thanks to the substances it contains (muco-polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anthraquinones, etc.).  It is worth mentioning that the whole leaf is used in the dietary preparations. Among its most important uses: it re-balances intestinal bacterial flora, normalizes cholesterol values and blood pressure, boosts immune system defenses, increases blood circulation, relieves problems of venous stagnation. It is well known for its «anti-tumor» properties. To examine in depth these aspects we recommend to browse dedicated websites.


Aloe Vera The most commercially known, it is similar to Aloe Arborescens since they both contain substances very important for our organism. In spite of Aloe Arborescens, in Aloe Vera only the pulp inside the leaves is used ant it is useful for both external and internal use. Although its active principles’ percentage is 30% lesser than those contained in Aloe Arborescens, its commercial success is due to the gel quantity you can yield in percentage. For a dietary use it is essentially assumed as a tonic, probably one of the best nutritional supplements currently available on the market. It is also a valued remedy to cure and prevent digestive disorders, cardio-circulatory disturbs and problems related to the male and female reproductive apparatuses (see dedicated websites).

As for its topical use, it is the top sunburn remedy recommended since it can help heal various severe skin diseases by acting as a regenerating agent. It soothes the skin, moisturizes it, counteracts dandruff, reduces inflammations etc. It is effective also in cleaning the face skin and in reducing wrinkles; with few applications you can obtain a smooth skin, free from spots and blackheads.


Aloe Maculata Even if it is less «famous» than the others, it contains substances similar in quality and quantity to those contained in Aloe Vera. What differs is the saponins concentration, which is much higher in Aloe Maculata and which makes it very suitable for products with a strong softening and cleansing action. It is particularly suited to cleansing scalp since it regenerates it and helps remove dead cells and counteract dandruff.